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Meet Anna Toyna - Intuitive

Anna Toyna has been an intuitive her entire life. As one of the first graduates of the Edgar Cayce Foundation, ARE "Intuitive Intensive Training," Anna worked with Carol Ann Liaros of Project Blind Awareness, and Henry Reed, PhD, of Princeton University, which allowed her to hone the accuracy of her innate intuitive skills.

Additional advanced training with world renown medical intuitive Carolyn Myss has enabled Anna to become one of about 200 Medical Intuitive's practicing in the country today.

Anna studied parapsychology at Duke University, and later went on to obtain a degree in Psychology and Art Therapy. While overseas she studied new techniques in education and how people learn. Applications of this process is now known as super learning, which she has applied with great sucess in her practice.

Anna has appeared on television and has hosted her own radio program on Liberty Works Radio Networks™ nationwide and WCBM™ in Baltimore. In 1995 founded Health Line Consultants, Inc.™. For 6 years she also wrote a column for Health Quest Newspapers. The original archived articles are being preserved on this website.

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What is an Intuitive?

Psychic work and intuitive work happen on very much the same level, but there is a fundamental difference in these styles. Psychics must 'process' or 'translate' the insight they receive on the psychic plane into real-life meaning.

Intuitives tend to get a flash of insight that needs no translation at all. Intuitive insight cannot be controlled the same way that psychic insights can, and tends to 'hit' people from out of the blue. Common examples of the intuitive 'flash' can be found in almost every mother on the planet -- what we often call 'mother's intuition.'

Intuition is something most people experience all the time. We get ideas, creative inspiration, feelings of apprehension, etc. and hopefully we act on them. Intuition is literally our back-up system, so that when our psychic senses are in a state of atrophy due to disuse, intuition kicks in and sometime kicks our butts!

Often intuition speaks to us in a very familiar voice. It 'feels' and 'sounds' within like our own thoughts... and that's because it is our own. Like psychic work, our intuition connects us to a more subtle frequency of communication between where we are and where the rest of the universe is.

Intuition is best reserved for personal revelation and insight because it tends to speak only about circumstances that affect OUR lives, loves and journeys in a specific way. Intuition is a spiritual safety net that grows more and more clear the more it is honored and followed. Words of gratitude after every intuitive flash will ensure that they become more frequent and more clear. Think of intuition as a muscle - the more you flex it, massage it and attend to its needs, the bigger and stronger it will grow!