Business and Marketing Consulting

Whether you own your own business, dabble in the market, or play the game full time Anna can help you see what is coming your way. Commodities trading to stock market analysis, what's new in the market or how to handle blue chips, this is the most far reaching information you can get.

Though no one is ever 100%, this information has proven to be accurate in more cases over a longer time frame than any other market publication available on the Net or in your mailbox. Knowledge is power, and in this case, it's also $$$$$. For the most up to the minute advice and analysis, Anna will answer your questions with concise, credible, accurate and VERIFIABLE information.

Public Speaking

Looking for an enlightening, entertaining and surprisingly adept speaker that will leave your group delighted, enthusiastic, and shouting for more?

Anna's easy professionalism, witty style and accessible demeanor prove an unbeatable combination for your next event as your key speaker.

Entertaining and dynamic, Anna captivates her audiences with discussions on topics ranging from attitude adjustment to xenophobia. With a dry, casual wit and wry inspiration, Anna is able to involve groups both large and small in enlightening concepts made easy to understand and enjoyable to hear.

As heard on her radio and television spots, Anna offers intuitive insights and real time consulting, incorporating audience participation as a large part of her speaking engagements. This makes her a unique talent, a talent that you will be proud to present.

Business Topics

How to aim High and Hit Your Mark

Effective communication & inspiration

How to Have it All

Self and Motivation Topics

Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say

Self and Soul

You 2 can be "in2itive

General Topics

The Secret is No Secret any More

Talk to the Animals

Do I Have an Indigo Child

Make the most of your physical, financial, and emotional health with help from a credible and insightful intuitive.