Having knowledge and information is best way to gain a healthy mind.

Through counseling, clients begin to determine the difference between self and ego, want and need, and to better cope with emotional crisis.

Anna has helped hundreds of people better cope with the myriad of stresses confronting us daily.

Using confidential, individualized counseling sessions, Anna can help her clients work through difficult problems such as grief, phobias, obsessions, spiritual dissonance, relationships, and other mental and physical constraints.

Methods include:

Past Life retrieval - memories affecting present life cycles Investigative consulting - including law enforcement & search and rescue Business applications - offering insights into market trends and management Remote viewing - a technique used to locate people and objects Couples counseling - for both before and after marriage. Counseling also covers infertility problems Childhood trauma counseling - new means of coping with old memories Access to future information - both financial and personal

Testimonial: I thought she had the wrong reason in mind when Anna described the picture she was seeing in response to my question about one of my patients. When I replayed the tape for him, he began to cry. He'd never, in two years of therapy, told me about the incident and together we were able to achieve remarkable progress based on this new information. -Dr. Doug Phillips, Annapolis, MD

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Having an Intuitive in your corner can give you a different perception that you would not normally see. Insightful information can lead to new beginnings and positive change.