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Anna has been often called a "Walking MRI Machine".

Medical Intuitive:

Anna Toyna is one one of only a handful of Medical Intuitives worldwide who is well-versed in all topics. A professional speaker and writer, she hosted The In2itive Edge television program in Alexandria, Virginia, and has appeared on countless broadcasts nationwide.

As an otherwise ordinary individual whose work is considered by some to be extra-ordinary, she has learned that the Intuitive Process is innate in all humans, waiting only to be accessed and understood. One of her projects is to teach children and adults the what, how, and why of the process so they too may use their intuition to achieve their goals.

A Medical Intuitive is a general intuitive who specializes in physical and emotional heath issues. Anna is one of a handful of such "specialists." As such, she is able to direct clients (and/or their health providers) to the specific areas of dysfunction, especially when symptoms and/or pain may be obscure. This intuitive tool offers a combination of both holistic and allopathic approaches and is an adjunct to conventional medical practice.

Without diagnosing or prescribing (more as a medical scanning device), Anna offers advice as to how to identify the problem, where it occurs, the possible cause, and the type of test, specialist or procedure most likely to corroborate these findings. This leads to cost and time effective management of the health issue and a clearer understanding of the role the patient plays in their own health.

Anna works just as well with folks who need a helping hand or a little hand holding. Working directly or though a medical practitioner, Anna can cut the time and expense of lengthy therapy, both in the physical and emotional realms. As a counselor herself, Anna has been able to help hundreds with problems ranging from raging hormones in teenagers to major health issues in the elderly. Whether it's about how you relate to your spouse or how your kid relates to you, insight into the underlying causes of any given situation can give remarkably powerful results in a remarkably short amount of time.

Testimonial: After my husband and I spent in the six figures trying to have a baby, we consulted Anna and she gave us all we needed. She told us I'd be pregnant in 6-8 months in fact, it was 6 weeks later I found I was pregnant! -Cathy Illani, Chicago

Where does it hurt?

What is the underlying problem?

Who is most likely to offer assistance?

When do I call a doctor?

What can be done?

Vitamins or prescriptions?

Can one heal oneself?

Mind over body? Really?

Medical practice here and abroad.

What we don't do here.

1st world practice.

Who's healthier?

Any information, advise or opinions should never be substituted as a medical diagnosis. Always seek the advise of a licensed medical doctor or physician, for any diagnosis or treatment procedures. Any advise I provide will be based on the accuracy of your current condidtion and information that has been provided to you by a licenses doctor or physician. All information will be kept confidential and will never be shared without your consent.