Perfect practice makes perfect posts

Seems the more I do this the easier it will get. So even if it’s just to open this page and learn to use this tool correctly, it will be worth the time.

I’m more interested in the font and style of this page than I am with what I’m writing. Once I actually have others reading this stuff, I’ll most likely write more interesting ideas.

Listening to other programs gives me something to think about, to have an opinion of my own about things I’m hearing.

Right now it’s about a Chief Justice. As I no longer believe in the myth of “justice”, the idea there’s someone who is chief among equals- HAH! is ludicrous to me.

Eventually I’ll learn to add media to these posts. But not today,and certainly not now.

Thanks in advance for your attention. Feel free to ask any question you may have on your mind. I’ll do my best to answer as credibly and accurately as possible.

Next time,