New Pages for a New Year

A little late getting started this year, but it’s still winter, even if it is the first of March.

Snow all over the place, but great neighbors helped with the hard part. Never had that happen before. so a special thanks to 2 very special folks.

With the help of 2 other people, I’ll be doing my first seminar since the Mensa Group in 20 13. Thanks to you both! I literally could NOT have done it without you.

Those of you who’ve seen my FB page saw I had a few predictions for 2015. I’ll post more on that in the coming days.

Still reeling from yet another major set back. Writing under these circumstances is worse than writer’s block.

Chocolate helps- so I had some…… 🙂 Maybe a bit of Moscato will help ease the jolting pain of this latest loss.

Or maybe just taking the dogs for another walk would do the trick.

I’m getting used to write this stream of consciences. Thanks for baring with me

Should there actually be anyone reading this ( admin editor not withstanding! ) please feel free to ask any questions. I’m always better at answering than lecturing. That and Prognosticating.

That’s it for tonight. More to come soon.