My, How I’ve Grown

After all these years, a lot of traveling, loving a couple of people, owning lots of stuff, having my own businesses, lots of schooling and other forms of higher and lower education, nothing comes close to the education I’ve been able to glean from my pets – both the ones I have now and the ones I’ve shared my life with in the past. There is a closeness and comfort I get from having my pets beside me. They have helped me understand, giving, loving, unconditional acceptance, a new sense of time, devotion, and an uncanny ability to sleep at anytime of the day or night- which can be a true pleasure, and is far superior to drugs as a way to heal what may be ailing you.

When My husband and I were still together we traveled in a huge RV, allowing me the pleasure of his company, the joy of being on the go, the ability to meet new people and experience new
things and ideas, and not have to give up the comforts my pets afforded me.

We traveled abroad as well, as I was fortunate enough to, at that time, have a long time room mate willing and able to take care of my companions. All that is gone, and I am rebuilding from scratch, very slowly I might add.

When my life imploded I had a very difficult time discerning reality from fiction.

Once again, my pets stood by me. They didn’t care if I was insane. They didn’t judge, and didn’t even give me a hard time on the days I couldn’t take them out. They slept. They stayed by me, no matter what. They still do – through good times and bad. So this is sort of a good time, at least for them. I am dealing with my insanity a bit
better. Making some effort, and maybe even some progress.

We don’t get wet when it rains. We’re secure, enough. We walk, most days. Experience new scents, new colors, new ways to do the same thing.

We’ve come so far, and mostly it took perseverance,  time to heal, a bit more time, and lots of waiting. No intuition required. Just faith.



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